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Slideshow of photos taken at concerts around the triangle.

E3 2010: Day 2 Photos

E3 2010: Day 1 Photos

Warhammer 40K MMO: Dark Millennium Online Trailer

Ah shit, things just got real son! From the looks of this trailer the 40K mmo being developed by Vigil is shaping up to be the sort of MMO that I was hoping it would be, the excitement meter just busted!

Test Update from my Droid

This is a test post from my Motorola Droid to see how well this WordPress App works. They seem to have greatly improved the UI since the last time I used it.

Will attempt to live update my blog from the show floor.

AAA Indie Awesome: Interstellar Marines

Upon my daily perusal of RockPaperShotgun.com I discovered an article about a (currently) browser based FPS game called Interstellar Marines by an indie dev named Zero Point Software, located in Denmark. I popped over to the official website, installed the Unity Engine, and proceeded to give their recently released ‘Bullseye’ target range a try and found it to be nothing short of awesome. I didn’t even have to register to demo it, good move!

I then DID register, played it again, kicked some ass, had my score recorded, and then checked out the Vault. Inside I ran down a ramp into a staging area and as I entered this staging area a 3D screenshot (sounds good to me) materialized in front of me. A snap shot of a raging battle between Shark Creatures (yes, that’s their name) and marines. You can walk around the scene from all angles checking out little details. They also have separate rooms off from this staging area for each of the elements represented in the scenes.

What most of you will wonder about is the performance of an FPS in a browser and I’m happy to say that it performed very well. I never felt like I was missing due to performance issues or lag nor did I feel the game was helping me with any noticeable auto-aiming. It was just a fun experience, fun enough that I decided I wanted to support the team. I signed up for the Spearhead account ($39).

Zero Point Software has something pretty special going on here and I for one will look forward to tracking the games progress.

One small negative, and I’m sure it will be addressed, but the Unity engine has crashed on me when going full screen and then exiting, so just be mindful of this if you’re working on stuff in the background you don’t want to lose. (UPDATE: Crash seems to related to hitting “Escape” to exit full screen. If you use “Tab” it seems to be fine.)

Below is a video showing off the just released ‘Running Man’ game. You have to pay to play this one.

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Warhammer 40k MMO at E3 2010

Well hello there! What could get me all percolated into posting on my blog again? Nothing short of awesome! That’s right! I’m referring to the recent announcement that the eagerly anticipated (at least by me!) Warhammer 40k MMO will be shown at E3 next month! It’s being developed by Vigil Games, whose most recent title was the relatively successful DarkSiders.

I’m not only a grizzled MMO veteran, but I’m a huge 40k nerd, more in regards to the universe then playing the actual table top game. (Can never find time to play!) So expectations are pretty high for me.

Below is some concept art that was released a while back.

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Visit to Northern California – October 2009

Well, hello there! Been a long while since my last post so I’m taking advantage of the holiday break to go through some of the photos on my laptop, figured I would at least scratch the surface of the giant photo pile.