ROLE: Senior UX Designer

COMPANY: Vreal Inc


WHEN: March 2018 - Present

Vreal Inc. is building a new form of interactive content consumption using proprietary software developed in house. This software allows content creators to record themselves playing a game in VR or 2D and then publish this video to the Vreal platform. Viewers can then playback and watch these videos in 2D or VR placing them in the actual game with the content creator. This has effectively removed the passive barrier currently associated with platforms like YouTube, Mixer and Twitch.

I’ve worked on many elements of the Vreal desktop application, this portfolio will contain a few of the works I was responsible for and will be added over time.

Responsive redesign


As Vreal transitioned towards a more traditional 2D experience the desktop application had to be retooled to make it responsive. It no longer had to work in a VR environment.


We were going to continue using the same feature set.