ROLE: UX Designer

CLIENT: Megaworld Studios

PROJECT: Cats In Mechs (Not yet released mobile F2P Game)

Megaworld Studios reached out to me to help them solve some critical UX problems they were facing in the areas of player controls, UI information architecture, player retention and monetization. Most of the major areas of player interaction needed to be looked into and fixed before they felt they could showcase the product to potential publishers. Combat interactions, various menu systems, monetization elements, etc.

My process for this project was going to be a bit different since the client already had a playable game with most of the elements already in place. I needed to research and evaluate various mobile games to familiarize myself with the genre, evaluate the client's problem areas, ensure we were solving the right problems, ideate solutions and provide wireframes of the solutions and iterate with the client as needed.


My first step was to converse with the Studio Head / Lead Designer and figure out the problems they were having. We had many long discussions about the many aspects of the game and the problems they were having.


I've never been into mobile gaming, but to familiarize myself I played as many mobile games as I could get my hands on. Many games that were inspiration for Cats In Mechs and other games that were in completely different genres but offered similar mechanics, systems or even just inspiration. Deep diving into unfamiliar territory in order to better understand it is a part of my job as a designer that I absolutely love.


Each Milestone had it's own ideation phase to allow myself and the Project Lead to  focus and ideate only on the relevant milestone content.

Most of the time ideation sessions would take place between myself and the Project Lead. This would usually consist of me asking him a ton of questions to dig deep into the problems to ensure we were solving for the right problems and driving towards the correct solutions.


Wireframes were created for designs that were closes to the final desired outcome. Low-Fi wireframes would be created first and as the designs progressed mid-fi and finally Hi-Fi wireframes would follow. Since I had


Below are screenshots from

on going work

With the success of the initial contract my UX services have been retained to assist with additional features such as the player garrison. The garrison is where the player is going to spend a healthy amount of time and so their experience needs to be worth while. Working with my counter part we set out to design a fun experience that would bring the player back through out the day to management their garrison. Below are some early artifacts documenting the interaction models and in