A well-rounded and empathetic designer who is happiest when solving ambiguous, multi-faceted product and UX challenges. Ensuring the right problems are being solved with actionable solutions for the benefit of both the company and its customers.

Professional Experience

aug. ‘19 - Oct. ‘19 | smashing ideas

Senior UX Designer | Unannounced Mobile App

An exciting, intense and rewarding 8 week contract to help explore and realize a complex user centered mobile concept put forth by a client. I worked directly with the client, Smashing leadership and strategy teams to translate the client's ideas into a user validated concept.

Create and rapidly iterate on interactive prototypes used in focus groups and IDI testing, air travel to assist Smashing leadership with a design thinking workshop at client's location. Worked with the SI team to create an internal marketing video for the client.

Mar. ‘18 - AUG. ‘19 | Vreal Inc.

Senior UX Designer | Vreal Desktop application.

UX/UI Design for the Vreal desktop / VR application used for the creation, management and consumption of VR content.

Work closely with all disciplines; leads, product and engineering. Communicate ideas via various design artifacts such as user flows, wireframes, interactive mockups, and motion studies.

Steam Store:

Jan. '17 - Present: Freelance

Product, UX & Strategy

Work with clients to figure out, understand and resolve their various pain points through customer interviews, insight discovery, strategizing and the creation of various design artifacts.

Apr. ’16 – Dec. ‘16: Microsoft HoloLens Team (Yoh Services)

Product / UX Designer | Microsoft 365 Layout

Instrumental in designing and managing several key features. Produced various design artifacts. Write and illustrate full Design Specification documents. Create user stories and wireframes. Work closely with programmers, designers, artists and leads on feature development. Conduct research, demos, and customer interviews to gain valuable insights to help validate and drive product and feature creation.

OCT. ’15 NOV. ’15: Stanford University @ Autodesk

Innovator | Autodesk ReMake

Hired by Stanford University to take part in the Stanford Creative Ignition Innovator Program. Together with six other Innovators we spent seven weeks conducting intensive user interviews, brainstorming, & prototyping to help find new use cases for Autodesk's reality capture software, ReMake and their experience creation software, Project Play.


Skill Competency Ranking: No Experience >> Familiar >> Working Knowledge >> Proficient >> Expert


  • FIGMA | Expert

  • Balsamiq | Working Knowledge

  • Adobe XD | Working Knowledge

  • Axure | Working Knowledge

Production Software

  • Adobe Photoshop | Proficient

  • Adobe Illustrator | Proficient

  • Adobe After Effects | Proficient

  • Adobe Premiere | Working Knowledge

  • LucidChart | Working Knowledge

  • MS Office | Proficient

Game Engines

  • Unity | Working Knowledge

  • Unreal | Working Knowledge

3D Packages

  • Maya | Proficient

  • Blender | Familiar


  • Lua | Familiar

  • C# | Familiar

Task / Bug Tracking

  • TFS

  • Git

  • DevTrack

  • PerForce