ROLE: Senior UX Designer

COMPANY: Vreal Inc


WHEN: March 2018 - Present

Vreal Inc. is building a new form of interactive content consumption using proprietary software developed in house. This software allows content creators to record themselves playing a game in VR or 2D and then publish this video to the Vreal platform. Viewers can then playback and watch these videos in 2D or VR placing them in the actual game with the content creator. This has effectively removed the passive barrier currently associated with platforms like YouTube, Mixer and Twitch.

I’ve worked on many elements of the Vreal desktop application, this portfolio will contain a few of the works I was responsible for and will be added over time.

social TAB redesign


The Social Tab had generated a few pain points. We were looking into redesigning the Social Tab for the app and I felt we could do away with the tab going full screen in order to handle adding friends, managing the party, etc. This full screen element had an unfortunately side effect of blocking and preventing the viewer from accessing / watching content. Given we are a content consumption platform this was not going to be ideal moving forward.


We already had a feature set for Social so doing indepth research wasn’t nessessary. My main goal was to reduce the Social Tab’s footprint so


After the research phase I spent a good amount of time mocking up various ideas. I started with Lo-Fi mockups doodled in my sketch book and then moved on to mid-fi and hi-fi mock ups in FIGMA and finally creating a complex interactive prototype.


Remove full page social element

Below is a link to the Interactive FIGMA Prototype I built to demonstrate to the team what the app would feel like if we condensed the full page social element down into a shelf.

Motion Graphics

Below are two motion graphics I created for our web based player at We wanted to try and neutralize wait times ion the two loading states we currently have which we’ve dubbed: In Queue and True Loading.

Both animations

In Queue: “Getting ready…” - Things are getting setup for the user and depending on their connection and other backend elements determins the wait time.

True Loading: “Almost there!” - This animation plays when a video is finishing loading and is about to play.