Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus was the return to the traditional Ratchet & Clank levels and gameplay. Battling through different worlds completing objectives and taking down the bad guys.

I was the Designer for the following levels unless otherwise noted. Primary resonsobilities were level layouts and combat setups.

Nebulox 7

The first half of the level needed to setup the narrative for the player. It would also teach the player the primary move controls, melee attack, ranged attack, and the new Grav Leap mechanic. The second half of the level is all out combat with invading forces and a daring escape through a debris field. The escape sequence was challenging since it needed to be fun, but also provide a sense of urgency so the player was compelled to move through the segment quickly. The end of the level the player needed to feel a sense that they barely made it. Lots of iterating needed to occur as well as technical adjustments to get things to work out.

Planet Yerek

Planet Yerek is Vendra's haunted and abandoned homeworld. The level consisted of an abandoned town and orphanage. The player also acquires and is trained on the new gadget, the Grav Teather, in order to navigate the last half of the level.

Note: All Clank puzzles were designed by another designer.

Planet Igliak

The final level of the game sees the player first playing through a museum full of puzzles tied in with bits of lore from the Ratchet & Clank series. It was a lot of fun designing the various challenges. The Deplanetizer puzzle proving to be the most challenging given the incorporating the Grav Leap mechanic. It took a lot of work and interating to get the traversal, combat and timing right to ensure it was an enjoyable experience.

The second and final half of the level is all out combat and sees the player eliminating enemies from the city and then making their way to the final boss fight with Mr. Eye.

Note: I helped with the